Culture has its principal activity such as

a. research about UMA LULIK as a patrimonial of state which start from bobonaro municipality and Oecusse, currently as an additional data from UMA LULIK from Lautem Municipality and Viqueque. And the 5-years expectation will be complete in 13 Municipalities.

b. develops national language resource; mambae, bekais and bunak. With the expectation for the 5 years to develop the dialect which endangered in 13 municipalities

c. protects and promote TAIS in the national and international level and the process to registered TAIS as a cultural immaterial as a global cultural patrimony. On the other hand, the culture division work together with SEAC to elaborate the programs of UNESCO about the convention 2003, 2005 no convention 1972 which been approved by the National parliament on 31 October 2016.