principal activity for science and mathematics is.

a. makes a coordination to organize the activity in Knua Sentra Pratika or KSP laboratory in EBC 30 de Agosto Comoro and support these activities to be established in 5 municipality such as Maliana,

COvalima, Ermera, Manatuto and Liquiça.

b. mundo Perdido-Dinosaurus Exhibition, the activity from this program is to invite all of the student from primary school to the university student to visit and learning in this exhibition of Mundo Perdido-Dinosaurus which link to geological story of Timor Leste.

c. Science and Technology, Engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for girls, this program to introduce and give the motivation to female student from senior high school.

d. on the other hand Subdivision of SESIM also work together with the division of primary school MEJD to organize and facilitate the activity of teachers working group.

e. every year the subdivision of SESIM responsible to the commemoration of global science and mathematics event