A programme for the registration of civil assets of the Old Goods Data in Timor-Leste is a programme that is focused by UNESCO on the registration of goods that have been stored since the past so that experts are stored by producing digitalisation to save from disasters so as not to be damaged. This programme has the financial support of maximu from UNESCO Paris through the work of the Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO (TLNCU).

Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO (TLNCU) of the Communication and Information Division distributed the books Memory of the world to three (3) municipalities: Manufahi, Ainaro and Aileu. The books are distributed to the local community and authorities in the site, in which the contents of the book are written to the authors (the owner of the goods), materials and the history of the goods, such as belak, mortel, surik, photography and others, who are in the form of material cultural heritage. TLNCU has collected data on these goods over the months and has completed the digitalisation of a book called Memory of the world.

The purpose of the Book Memory of the World distribution as a pilot to share information with communities about the goods of the world is very expertly preserved because they are an inheritance of the old people who are stored for the new generation and the book is a memory of the next generation of the people who are stored for the new generation.

This activity was attended by the Post Administrators, Village Chiefs, sub-villages and communities from each municipality which are held in the village headquarters of the Holarua Municipality of Manufahi, Ainaro and village Liurai Municipality of Aileu.


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