Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO is the implementing partner with Korean National
Commission for UNESCO for the project of Bridge Timor-Leste Project. The budget for the Bridge TimorLeste project is supported by The Government of South Korean.
The project is mainly focused for 3 programs such as illiteracy, equivalence and life skills.
The main objectives of each program as follow:

1. Tetum Literacy
For all people (youth and older) who are illiteracy, that haven’t know how to write and read to be literacy.

  1. Equivalence
    For all students who haven’t finish their level of education in Primary, Pre-Secondary and
    Secondary schools to be able to complete their level of education.
  2. Life skills
    To empower and enhance the ability of the youth with certain life skills such as foreign
    languages (Portuguese, English, etc.), computer, sewing, etc.

The principals’ activities for this project are
1. Rehabilitations of the Community Learning Center (CLC)
2. Providing the educational learning materials
3. Providing the learning activities programs
4. Teacher Training
5. Providing the learning materials for the existing CLCs
6. Monitoring and evaluation

Providing the educational learning materials
The didactic materials is provided by the team of TLNCU, Such
– Textbooks
– Manuals
– Stationaries
– Teaching Tools
– Other materials with the details in table below

Number of student for each the learning activities programs
All 6 rehabilitated CLC is implemented all 3 programs, and each CLC have 60 students in total,
which are 20 students for each program.
1. TETUM Literacy

2. English Language Course

3. Portuguese Language Course

4. Korean Language Course

5. Computer Skills

6. SEWING Course

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